That Movie in the Movie Theater……

there are love birds on my right, and I tell you, they are making their own movie in this dark corner of this sinister world……


Hey there!
Right now, I am sitting in a cozy chair in this dark chamber of JVR Plaza, waiting for the movie to begin. It’s rather odd, since I am inside a cinema hall after half a dozen years. The screen seems gigantic, and the sound of the speakers are a bit too loud for my delicate eardrums.
Okay. Now watching the movie. Will continue after, or in between when I get bored.
4:30 pm
Yeah….it’s interval. About the movie – I have already watched it four days ago, so nothing new. I only came here to make this thing a full-family date. The movie is as beautiful as it was that day. Only that it’s bigger now. My eyes took half of the first-half to adjust their focal length to be able to actually see the movie on such a large screen. That apart, there are love birds on my right, and I tell you, they are making their own movie in this dark corner of this sinister world. Everyone around me is munching on kurkure, my family one row behind.
There has been one one minute hot scene in the movie so far, and by Indian-family standards, it was a bit too long. My parents would have flipped the channel had it flashed on the TV. But let me just admit it, it was damn erotic. Not erection-inducing erotic, but erotic in a beautiful way. Like, something you would love to do with your one true eternal love.
Okay, interval ends. Rest, later on.
Hah! This whole thing took a twist in the second half. After that God awful song Pinga, the girl in my row probably got bored or maybe she needed to pee or maybe she got irritated with her boyfriend’s unwavering gaze at Deepika’s waist, she got up and left the hall. The boy tried his best to stop her, sugarcoating his, “please baby, please jaanu” with the dexterity of a pro-actor, but in vain. The girl didn’t give a damn and stomped out.
Just like the movie on screen, this movie too met with a fatal end. I am sure they will break up tomorrow. That’s why they tell you to never bring your girl to a good movie featuring bad songs.
As for me, I enjoyed the movie. Both of them.

Author: ravish raj

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