Love and Breakups…

Love is not a walk through pink gardens, it’s a crawl through hell……


My friend broke up with his first official girlfriend today. And he says this time it’s a final one, like he said last month, and every month before. Break up to this guy is what period is to women. Comes every month, stays for four days, makes life bloody hell, and then goes away.
I have never broken up with a girl. (Because I have never been with one in the first place ).
Anyway, he called me in the morning while I was whatsapping with this gorgeous water-color-artist-who-has-a-beautiful-hairdo and he said in a cracking voice, “she called. We fought. And I told her to get lost. ” Actually, he had been planning a break up since long, because his girlfriend constantly refused to kiss him on the lips, and even on the cheeks, and because he believed she was putting him off and that she was using him just for chocolates and mobile recharge.
Well, chocolates do not sustain relationships.
He sounded as if he’s voluntarily sacrificed himself for vasectomy demonstration. He said he didn’t know what to do, and that he really loved her. I am used to his monthly wailings, so I knew he won’t commit suicide. I told him to calm the hell down and watch CID on Sony. And I promised I’ll bring some HD porn for him in the evening.
He said, “okay. ”
And then I went back to whatsapping the gorgeous water-color-artist-who-has-a-beautiful-hairdo. She said if it was love it shouldn’t have ended, and since it ended, it wasn’t love, which made me wonder if love is synonymous to infinity. The forever immortal truth of our pretentious life based on lie assumptions? Unending eternal divine love?


I don’t know. I don’t understand. I’m just a porn addict who resorts to xvideos every time he’s sad and lonely. But I know this one thing, love is not easy. You break, you cry, you lose. You get ripped, ravaged and destroyed. Love is not a walk through pink gardens, it’s a crawl through hell. Your tears would dry but your pain won’t stop, your throat would choke, but your lungs won’t stop, your wounds would hurt, but your heart won’t stop. You’ll live and you’ll die. You’ll die and you’ll live. If you can take that, and still love somebody, you’re in the club, buddy. Or else, just watch some porn and fap and move on.

Author: ravish raj

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