365 days…

We lost the world cup, AAP swept the elections and Z Cinema started running hindi telecasts of WWE on Sundays…….


It always ends so soon, doesn’t it? Seems like yesterday, when the world stepped into 2015. And now, it’s almost over. Just a few hours left.
The world has changed a lot in these 365 days. We lost the world cup, AAP swept the elections and Z Cinema started running hindi telecasts of WWE on Sundays. Bahubali won hearts, Narendra Modi won elections and some random guys won Roadies and Big Boss. Now I’m not here to give you affairs of 2015, I’ll tell you what changed for me.


My phone fell on the steps of Stadium and suffered a banyan-root sized designer crack that stayed for three months without replacement.
I called Doctor on my birthday and maybe she was drunk, she sang me Sin Chan song and played a little Sin Chan quiz with me. We talked for an hour and most of it was about Sin Chan. 😐

Made a group of buddies on Facebook. And it was a sensational hit (okay, I’m bragging) among the members. 

Didn’t go home in Holi. Stayed alone in the lodge. Took the annual exam and got screwed (figuratively).

Got screwed on Results Day.

Got screwed by publishers. All the offers from self-publishing houses.

Summer vacation. Infinite random visits to relatives. I tell you, getting screwed was better.

Rains…I loved it. The best season on earth. My dear monsoons!

Life drawled on.

Broke up with Doctor (our just-friends relationship). It became impossible to plough through. Deactivated the Facebook account. Got my datapack renewed and downloaded porn in quintals.

Porn. Porn. PORN.

Porn. Porn. PORN.
And a few KGs. No one will marry me now… 😐

End of school. Return of Doctor. End of porn.
And then, well, it’s not like it used to be……we have changed, me and Doctor….
End of my story too, I guess…..


So that’s it. New year. New hopes. And new beginnings. And I’m superexcited….


Author: ravish raj

● 17yearoldboy ● capricorn ● artist ● pornaholic ● Historian ● Googlebhakt ● storyteller ● procrastinator ● virgin ● 1600+ in bullet @ chess.com ● Bihar se hain 😎 ●

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