New Year Predictions……

How is your 2016 going to be?


So today morning, my dear mother says 2016 is going to be a good year for me. Well, she called our world-famous village astrologer (who also happens to be my uncle, because you know, in Indian villages, everybody is your uncle ) and he did some quick calculations and talked to fourteen Gods available on Psychic Playstore and told her that my stars are up and bright. It’s other thing that he said the exactsamething last year too, and 2015 turned out to be a total-fucked-up year. Now my mother has a rock solid belief in my uncle’s astrology, and she is 100% sure that I am going to top CBSE boards this march. She has already started checking AC cars on, and that seems like a red signal for me.


Doctor wished me yesterday at 11:59 pm, which was very cunning of her. I couldn’t reply to her on 1st January.  That clever girl! I know what is going to happen now:-
I will message her today, after I get an sms pack. She won’t reply for an eternity. And then, she will drop me a small text containing just two characters. 😐
And then she will sulk, and I will say sorry over and over and then she will say ‘whatever’ and drop a few more poker faces and ask me my whereabouts and then I will breathe and relax. And we will talk for some time and say Goodbye.
And this prediction, unlike my uncle’s, is going to be right. 101%.

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