When Clocks Run Slow…

When there’s a big moment ahead, sand falls slow…


Nikita Singh is in town!!!!
My excitement has reached a feverish pitch. I can’t help but daydream about the evening, when I’ll be taking signed copy of her latest fiction – Like a Love Song. As the name suggests, it’s a love story.


Right from the moment I saw Ranchi as her first stoppage in the book-signing tour, I have been on cloud number nine, adding touches and shades to her portrait. Well, it didn’t come off that well, but still.


The event is scheduled at 6 pm and I’m literally counting hours and minutes and it feels like I’ll grow old, develop arthritis and lose my molars by the time clock hits six. When there’s a big moment ahead, sand falls slow. Something to do with Einstein’s theory of relativity, I guess.
I want a photo with her but I don’t know how to ask her for that. I mean you need to be at least half as charming to deserve a chance to stand in the same frame with her. Lobsters don’t get photographed with Mermaids. I need a makeover. No, I probably need a plastic surgery. Damn! I so wish my dad had a swiss bank account. I don’t even have a nice dress to make up for my poor facial design. And look at her – an errorless face, a matchless beauty and this amazing superpower to stun readers with words on paper. She is a Goddess and I’m a ragpicker. The fault in my stars!

I don’t know how it’d go. I’m panicking as if it’s my first date. I need to calm down. I need some Malai Chops.
Okay, I’ll go and get some.

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