India – A Land of Parasites

I don’t intend to ignite your dead wires, nor do I intend to ask you to rise and rebel. Fuck. Why should I?


RIGHT FROM MY childhood, I have been told India is a great country. Great country, my ass. This place is rotten, full of parasites.

The constitution mentions something called The Right to EQUALITY. That’s one plain fucking lie they’ve put up there to make you feel good, as if this place is a paradise or something. Nobody is equal. No two fucking rats are equal in this country.

Some sixty years ago, one great saint from a downtrodden community emerged and wrote our constitution. He was the same guy who fought for RESERVATION. See the fucking irony! Maybe it was necessary that time, but even after so many years, nobody has cared to repeal this pointless system. And why would they, when all they care about is Vote Bank? And why would they, when all we care about is free wifi and free bicycles? I told you, everybody is a parasite here. You, me, everyfuckingbody.


Dear General catogery morons, while you’re working your asses off to get a 90%, an SC/ST guy is busy clicking iPhone selfies and uploading them every two hours. When it’s time to get into a college, that guy gets to Stephens, and you are asked to pick up your ass and Fuck Off. Doesn’t something well up inside you? Doesn’t it feel unfair or something? Oh, I forgot, aren’t you a parasite who’s also a dickhead?

It’s not about SCs/STs, it’s about how times have changed and how caste has become irrelevant these days. So-called lower class people have already benefited from reservation in the past decades, and now they are wealthy as fuck, while their kids, who move around in limousines and wear Raybans, get into colleges which are obviously out of their league.

We are the same people who go on Hunger strikes against corruption, pollution and rape. But nobody dares to act against reservation. Nobody cares, and so nothing happens. You don’t get colleges, you rant on social media, you fuck around and you die. The cycle gets repeated. It has been repeating for sixty years now, it’ll always repeat.

I don’t intend to ignite your dead wires, nor do I intend to ask you to rise and rebel. Fuck. Why should I? Why would I give a fucking damn about anyone? Nobody gives a fucking damn about anyone here. We are parasites, and we don’t care until it starts to hurt. I just want to remind you of the things they taught you at school – about the greatness of this land. Tear those books and wipe your asses with them – they are all crap. You are born pure here, but the system makes you corrupt. You’re fucked and you’re toyed. Then you become like everybody else. Careless, insensitive, pathetic.
Then you vent your anger on facebook and move on. I’ll move on too.

Carry on, people.

Best Wishes.

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