Solitary Blabberer

The problem with people is that they don’t listen.


The mid-semester break ends here. I wish it’d been longer, at least till Diwali, but since the University is run by zombies, they don’t really care about my happiness. No one does, actually.

The break hasn’t been an epic one. Had I been in Ranchi, I’d have spent it hanging out with Lord Evans and Rana, playing cricket in the Community Hall field, walking through the Maal road, pigging out on rolls, watching IMDb rankers non-stop, and surfing through the web at 196 rupees a month. Here, my data expense crosses the handsome mark of 800 per month, and every time I get a recharge it only feels like stealing from my father’s wallet, which is nothing wrong actually, but still, makes you feel guilty. I don’t have much to do. I get up at 12 and eat and flip through the books and get bored and play video games and write trash and erase all that I’ve written and plug earphones in and tune in to 104.8 FM and try to sleep.

Mostly, it’s fine, but sometimes, I really desperately need someone to listen to me. So back in the break, when I had nobody to talk to, this girl, who hadn’t cared to inquire about my whereabouts for a thousand years, texted me. It felt like the mid-day showers of July. I was so ecstatic, I instantly replied to her. She asked me how I was and I wrote her a big essay in reply, recounting all my problems probably from the time they snapped the umbilical cord. She instantly logged out.

I was so jolted and destroyed. The problem with people is that they don’t listen. And it’s not my personal whine, even Holden Caulfield faced the same problem. Anyway, struck with grief, I started skimming through my wall, and ended up on the page of Raj Comics, liking my childhood heroes and reminiscing the good old days. I downloaded some comics and read them all. And I waited for the girl to come back. It wasn’t my fault. People shouldn’t ask questions if they don’t have the patience to hear you out. She did text me back. Two days later. After I liked half a dozen pictures of her.

She : you’re just bored. You should get a girl or something.

Was she even listening to me!!!???

I asked her how she was doing, and she sent me another text, two hours later.

She : Bae’s home. I’m so happy.

Firstly, I thought Bae was her dog, but a quick google search revealed it was a term of endearment for one’s boyfriend/girlfriend.

Me : yaaaay! All the best have fun!

I didn’t wait for her reply, I just logged out. If Bae was home, there was no way she would have replied to a complain box without making him feel petty and stupid.

I texted Lord Evans and we discussed chess problems and he taught me some Japanese which I forgot, and I explained him the physical attributes of Australopithecines, which I am sure he forgot, and then I felt so sorry for myself, I downloaded some hardcore porn and watched it on repeat.

I really need a goddamn time machine. Or a heap of comics and a mellow yellow light.

Author: ravish raj

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13 thoughts on “Solitary Blabberer”

            1. It’s a long process actually.
              Step I
              I type “beautiful Indian female names” on Google and a few entries pop up.
              Step II
              I select a name, search it on Facebook and throw around 15 females requests.
              Step III
              Some kind girls accept it, and I send them a hi.
              Step IV
              I say, “hey i know it sounds awkward but would you mind listening to me for a while? ”

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