The “Okay? Okay.” Shirt

He called me Mr. Okay-Okay and just as I was about to wallow, fired at me a set of High Order Thinking Skill Questions.


About a month ago, I purchased this cool t-shirt at It’s navy blue and bears one of the most romantic quotes of all time.


For those who have no idea what it means – Read THE FAULT IN OUR STAR. Right Now. Present tense. Drop everything else and get that book. Imagine the world is going to collapse tomorrow and only those who have read the book will be allowed to enter Heaven. Hurry, people!

It’s a timeless quote. I won’t explain to you what it means, because my interpretation and your interpretation are likely and ought to vary. Interpretation is entirely a reader’s privilege. The first Okay bears a question mark and the second one a period. There’s this scene where Augustus and Hazel are talking on the phone and they are out of words but nobody wants to hang up, so they keep saying Okay for quite some time. Also, at one point, ‘Okay’ is equalled to ‘Always’. It’s kind of sad and kind of hopeful. It’s about courage and care and love, it’s about staying despite the tragedy.

Anyway, I got the t-shirt before the expected date. I was so excited that I wore it to college the next day. I thought everybody would be megaimpressed, I mean I’m wearing this supercool t-shirt bearing a quote from one of the best books of all time, and which is so revered and popular, especially among girls; but to my disappointment nobody seemed to care. People are so selfish these days. They are interested in reading quotes only on a girl’s tee, even if it’s something hardly enlightening or thought-provoking. The only person who noticed it was my history teacher. He called me Mr. Okay-Okay and just as I was about to wallow, fired at me a set of High Order Thinking Skill Questions.

“What did Hammurabi do in the Mesopotamian Civilization? “He asked. I gaped at him blankly. Banged his wife, I wanted to say, but I wasn’t sure if Hammurabi was a man. 

“Your shirt says okay twice. Doesn’t that mean you’re supposed to know everything? “Was his interpretation. Gobsmacked, I just stared at him. He shook his head as if I was some kind of disappointment.

No one else ever commented on the quote that day. I hate these ignorant people so much!

Once back to my room, I pulled the shirt off and chucked it inside my almirah. I think I’ll wear it some special day. 😑

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