Stalking Girls – nostalgia #1

Sometimes, I’d nudge him to be a man and go talk to a girl. 


​#maal_road 😂
PC : Lord Evans

I have walked down this road a million times, mostly stalking nymphets and sometimes desperately hoping for them to turn up so that we could have somebody to stalk. I wasn’t developing softwares or making space stations for NASA, so it was only fair that I spent my days hunting chicks along with my favorite people. 

The thing about Ranchi girls is that the hot one always has a dog accompanying her. The monster is usually a bulldog or some species that ranks high on Discovery Channel’s top ten badasses, and he’s usually savagely happy, his saliva-drenched tongue lolling out like an active serpent. It was quite a risky business back then, as we always worked in fear of ending up in Ispat hospital, having to take rabies vaccine shots in the abdomen. But sometimes, the dog wouldn’t care as we maintained a fair distance. 

There were quite a few girls who lived in the numbered houses along this street, and we were, particularly, enamored with a slim waist adolescent who paced up and down the road in the evenings. The hot girl usually has a semi or non hot girl accompanying her in walks. We would pace up and down the road too, and pretend to discuss the string theory while we stole glances at them. 

“Perfect. “I would say, and Lord Evans would look at me, and we would exchange triumphant smiles. 

Sometimes, I’d nudge him to be a man and go talk to a girl. But he wouldn’t go, on account of his bloody maulikta. 

I remember following girls in spring, amid downpour, and even in fall – it was our favorite hobby, after chess. Our other friend, the great RP, was mostly rotting away in Bhardwaj classes but when he joined us he goddamn stole everybody’s thunder. Clad in red full sleeved checked shirt, he’d be all smeared in fairness cream and a hairstyle only he believed was super-elegant. He’d pretend to be a top model or something, but sadly, no girl ever noticed him, or me. They noticed Lord Evans, but only because he stood tall as a tower. 

We have followed plenty of girls in those roads, and no matter what it resulted in, it was always an enjoyable experience enriched with fierce discussions about physics and philosophy, and the spectacular sight of dazzling beauty. 

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