The Treat : nostalgia #3

The beauty was in her asymmetries….


Okay..the thing about dining in posh restaurants is that it feels like heaven – with soft melodies floating in scented lukewarm air,   the ornate elliptical tables surrounded by matching chairs, the abstract paintings on the wall glistening in the mellow lighting, the picture perfect sight and the preciousness of moments – unless instead of your girlfriend it’s a male gourmand in the opposite chair and YOU’RE THE ONE WHO IS PAYING THE GODDAMN BILL.

So back in std. XI, I saw this ethereal face on the dais, the big beautiful eyes falling on the paper in her hand and sweeping through the audience, the lips moving ceaselessly and so precisely that you could read those, and the soft tinkle of her words that kept reverberating in my mind for hours. I hadn’t seen someone like her in 4 years of my career as an artist. I mean there are beautiful girls, then there are very beautiful girls, and then there are some girls who just cannot be portrayed through a metaphor. She was something I so so wanted to capture on my A4 size sheet that I promised Heroine a huge treat in KAVERI if he’d procure her photograph. I had no idea he was going to take this mission so seriously. 

“You think she is beautiful? “He quizzed. 

“Yes. Absolutely. Don’t you think so? ”

He stared at me in surprise and pity, and said,

“When was the last time you went for an eye-checkup? ”


I didn’t believe him because I could clearly see how beautiful she was. The beauty was in her asymmetries. In those blemishes that were just at the right places. The gorgeous melancholy in her big, doe eyes. The stunning simplicity of her ever-lively hair. The delicate stretch of her soft pink lips. And the vampire canines which I loved more than anything else. She was savagely beautiful, and I didn’t care if he couldn’t see. 

Since she was absent from all kinds of social networking sites, it felt like finding Nemo amidst the Pacific. I sent numerous friend requests to her numerous friends, also her male classmates, and everybody I ever saw talking to her. To my disappointment nobody accepted my friend request. 

“Hey. You said Kaveri, right?”Heroine asked me one day, a huge satanic smile pasted over his face. 

“Yeah. “I said nonchalantly. “But after you get me a photograph. ”

“Here it is! “He said triumphantly. 

And Oh. My. God. There it was!!! Right before my wide-stretched eyes! 

So I took him to Kaveri. We had a nice time as there were a few pretty girls, plus the superdelicious food. The bill kind of gave me a heart attack though. I could buy a goddamn novel out of their VAT charge. Anyway, I grabbed all the toothpicks as a souvenir and slipped out, wondering if I would ever have that girl on the opposite seat. 

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