❤ HOME ❤

Back home 😎


Coming home was an Odyssey. Travelling with the wrong ticket, usurping people’s  seat, bribing an official, littering the compartment, damaging the railway property and pissing on a sack full of onions were some of the crimes I had to commit. Regarding the last offence, I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK A VOLUPTUOUS SACK FULL OF STINKING ONIONS WAS DOING IN A TRAIN TOILET. Probably that’s how they transport these days. The journey was harsh and exhausting, both emotionally and physically. I saw dozens of helpless beggars. An old woman shrouded in wrinkles and shivers, whose kids were probably dead or didn’t care about her anymore, inched along on her walking stick, staring blankly at everybody. Transsexuals demanded 10 bucks from everybody. Then, there was a kid in tattered clothes, who sweeped the compartment and received petty coins for his noble job. There also were fraud asses, like the Kachodiwallah, who sold contaminated food products at a rip-off. My stomach gurgled all the way and I peed only twice in the 40 hours long journey. Add to that the ever amplifying intensity of an incessant political debate. Modibhakts against Rationals. The only time they shared a common standpoint was while discussing Kejriwal. Kejriwal has to work a lot I guess. 

I arrived home, shivering like a hypothermiac, and peed for a few minutes. Then I said hello to my parents. My mother hugged me like I was her lost soul. 

Then, I got the JIO simcard. 

It felt as liberating as emancipation. I instantly opened the YouTube and watched everything from Hairstyling tips to the Big Bang Theory. My mother prepared the delicacies as if she was cooking for Masterchef audition. My father prepared the fire. 

Atif knocked at my doorstep at 12. We went out and had tasty kachodis. We gossiped for another 3 hours and then he went home. At night, I pulled out my mother’s laptop and transferred Jurassic World into my phone. I also surfed the internet for a while, downloaded the Humma song and fell in love with Shradhdha Kapoor once again. 

I snuck all the sweets from the refrigerator when my parents were sleeping. 

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