I like early morning surprises, be it coffee, blowjob or 1000 likes on wordpress. So today morning, as I checked wordpress notifications, my lips stretched to my ears. There it was, like a baby in a cradle, smiling at me with unadulterated honestness. 

This journey too has been an Odyssey. I had pangs of depression and the first thing I wanted to do in those moments was to quit writing. At times, I’d lack the words. At times, I’d lack the expressions. My metaphors were silly. My imagery was drab. I used to wonder about the significance of it, about the point of writing. Still, I wrote. 

To tell you the truth, I still don’t know what’s the point of me punching words and trying to be coherent. But 1000 likes surely is something I’d like to boast to my friends and relatives. 

When I showed it to my mother, she asked me what wordpress was. But she was happy, as it seemed.

This four digit figure has taken efforts. There were so many challenges and lows it was hard to stay. But I held myself together. And now I’m proud and happy as a mother.  

I started writing this blog last year, and since then, I’ve grown as a writer. I won’t say I’ve become a Shakespeare, but I’ve evolved significantly. Perhaps that’s the point of writing. Evolution. 

Thank you to all those people who like and enjoy and admire my writing. You guys are superawesome.
Suggestions are welcome. 

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