A Long Day

Meeting old friends.


was a long day yesterday. First, a relative dropped by and interviewed me for a while. Then, my friends gatecrashed and hauled me to the stadium. Bihari wanted a cigarette, so they took me to a kiosk in Rangbhoomi. 

“5 sticks of goldflake. “Bihari said to the keeper. The keeper was a small guy, a minor probably. As he handed over 5 cigarettes to Bihari, Bihari asked me to pay.

“I am paying for your cigarettes!? “I asked in disbelief.  

“Yes. “He grinned. His incisors were black. 

I shook my head and pulled out the 100 rupee note from my pocket. I told them about the side effects of smoking, especially about how it leads to infertility, and to that Bheema said,

“Yeah. We know that. ”

They smoked for a while after that, and then we made small talks. Then, Bheema and Bihari left as they had to run their ancestral shops. Atif showed up a few minutes later and then we headed to the kachodi dhaba. After that, Sumit left and Atif and I started walking back to my house. 

We passed by Doctor’s old balcony, and Atif began singing  Channa Mereya, only to aggravate my nostalgic suffering. He sings well, and so it hits you right at the heart. Everything seemed like how it was 5 years ago; everything except the absence of her. 

Time Machine? Doremon? Where the fuck are you!? 

It was a long journey but I kept walking. That’s the stuff about a journey – if you keep walking, it’ll definitely end some day. (I was trying to build a metaphor here)

At home, Atif showed me Carry Minati and  belly dancing videos. We then left for stadium where we discussed the futility of falling in love at an early age. We also discussed about ISIS and stuffs. Yeah, we are growing old.

Then, it was dark and he accompanied me to my house and then left for his own. 

At home, I got a call from a prankster. I went to the bathroom, bolted it from inside and after making sure it was a soundproof chamber now, hurled choicest abuses at the douchebag. As it turned out, the soundproof thing was just my delusion. My parents were shocked beyond recovery. My mother is showing me to tantriks very soon. 

Anyway, at 1:30 am I downloaded a 1.2GB porn. It was 46 minutes of mind blowing sex in spectacular clarity.

I love JIO.

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