YouTube Feast

YouTube is awesoommmeee!!!!


These days, I’m watching YouTube. It’s very addictive. I often find myself woken up at 3 am, wrapped in blanket and gawking at the screen in extreme awe. I start with something as ordinary as a movie trailer, and five hours later I am watching Stephen Hawking in his wheelchair, explaining to me in a scary mechanical voice what cosmological inflation and geodesic incompleteness are. Every time that guy says something, it feels like apocalypse is near. 

YouTube is a Pandora’s box. From dating tips to the Big Bang theory, you have everything that makes you wonder. Then, there are channels you can subscribe to and keep yourself updated with their latest works. There are educational channels like Crash Course and TedEd, and then there are awesome channels like MalluBhabhiVideos and HotMasalaAunty. 

I have been watching reaction channels for quite some time now. It’s fun to watch Americans reacting to Bollywood movie trailers and Hajmola and pretty everything Indian. I also take badminton lessons and Kung Fu classes occasionally. I’ve learnt to make Saber Hand Strike and I now know what Syrian crisis is. It’s such a rich source of information that you can just plunge in and forget the world. The only thing that YouTube can’t explain is menstruation. Well, nobody can. 

Anyway, as I’ve said, it’s quite addictive but in a positive way. I’m enjoying it.

You should check out YouTube!!! 



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