Selfish Motives

The curse of humanity…but it’s as real as our existence.


With time, I learnt that people are selfish. Under the garbs of innocence and benevolence, they hide their own selfish motives. Humanity, today, is driven by an urgent indispensable need of self-fulfillment, and thus, every single soul here bears stains on his pallium. 

This girl I met in college has been badgering me for quite some time now, asking repeatedly to draw her sister’s fiancé’s portrait. I was in the delusion that she was a friend, but now I know that that’s my only significance in her life. Anyway, I wasn’t shattered because this isn’t the first time people had tried to benefit from me by donning a mask of generosity. There was this girl who wanted me to make her portrait. I said it would take some time. We were fine, chatting for long hours and about everything, and then, she stopped talking all of a sudden. Because I had promised, I made it eventually. 

When you have a talent or a skill, people stop wondering about you. They only care about that speciality  and try to extract gain from it. This has to do with expectations. As the NCERT book on Economics states – Human Wants are Unlimited. People rarely care about your personality or your emotions, they, either deliberately or inherently, evaluate you according to their need, and then they exploit you till you’re a miserable vacuum. 

I used to think the ways of the world are very artistic in nature. I mean nature isn’t built on equations, right? Wrong. Everything’s Maths. There are calculations, there are formulas and there are complications. So analysis and judgement is a must. Stuffs like cost benefit analysis are of more significance in real world. 

That’s the difference between worlds created on paper and the world that creates the paper. 

5 thoughts on “Selfish Motives

  1. Wasn’t that an evolution related book? And a highly controversial one at that!
    ….and I don’t think it meant selfishness in the context you are referring to.
    And I’m just saying ( who am I to argue with biologists) that maybe it works different for different people. I refuse to believe that people do everything with a selfish intent. That would break my heart!!


  2. Answering that would require a philosophical discourse. I’m merely picking up from my observations. Haven’t yet met a single human being, including me, who isn’t selfish.
    There’s a whole book out there on this topic “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins.

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  3. I agree that might be true for the majority of people but there are people who selflessly love and help without looking for their benefit. Don’t lose hope on everyone. I hope you meet some really amazing people who’d look at you for who you are and not just your artistic qualities.

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      1. Well…I fail to understand why survival would be in jeopardy if we don’t take advantage of others.
        And if that is absolutely necessary for humans, then I suppose my all time theory of being an alien is actually true!!

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