Civil War

Fight broke out…


​Our class witnessed the first rift today. I would say it was rather an interesting exposure to a miniscule civil war. To say that I didn’t find it amusing would be a lie. This fight also sowed the seeds of conflict, which would only aggravate in coming days. After all, history shows how small squabbles lead to unforgettable feuds. 

Before everything else, I’d give you the composition. Our class is primarily divided into 4 groups. They are :-

1. The flaties – Those are half a dozen people who share a flat and stick together all the time. They are as insignificant as white pencil colors in a set. 

2. The North-eastern group – Those people are good, humble and smart. However, due to language barrier, our conversations are limited. 

3. The ladies gang – It consists of all ladies except two, and also has a boy, the beau of the only semihot girl in our class. 

4. Everybody else. 

So the ladies gang started bunking classes because they wanted to have some fun in college life. I believe that it’s fine, kind of thrillingly joyous, to not cooperate with codes and rules and savour freedom for as long as you can. Yeah, but having said that, I’d probably not like people bunking my class. 

The behaviour of the ladies gang did not go well with the teacher, who is a six foot tall monster and had recently broken a tooth in an accident. He molested them with words and warned them to never repeat the sin. 

The ladies gang have always been jealous of the topper, who is also kind of class monitor. The girls expected him to favour them for some reason. The monitor refused. The teacher in his scolding speech frequently mentioned the topper and asked them to emulate that guy. This did not go well with the boyfriend. 

Now, boyfriends are hypocritical in nature. They always try to be hero in front of their girls. Maybe it has to do with the basic male-female relationship among animals where the female prefers the strongest male for mating (biology). So this guy was red hot with anger after the teacher left and threatened the topper. The topper smartly handled the situation even though some of us were enraged. Anant was so furious he was going to hit the boyfriend. They left the class soon, and we the old wise citizens of the  class discussed the matter in peace. 

 I’m expecting more drama tomorrow. 

Stay tuned. 

Author: ravish raj

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