Busy Drone…

A lot of stuffs happening all together. 😷


​Last few weeks have been hectic. There’s so much going on in the college and on the internet that writing seems like a laborious task. But all you need is just a whiff of motivation to get back to the WPS app and type, and as always, I found my motivation in the two songs I’ve downloaded recently. 

Sun zaalimaa mere….

The first one is Humsafar from Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya. It’s a beautiful song with heartwarming lyrics. Sung by Akhil Sachdeva in a soothing baritone, this song has to be the romantic chartbuster of 2017 till now. The singer sounds like Atif, and that alone is a reason good enough to fall in love with the song. 

It’s too cold outside…for angels to fly

The other song is Class A Team by Ed Sheeran. It was his debut single and I don’t know why I didn’t listen to it earlier. After singing songs like Class A Team, All of the Stars and Thinking Out Loud, Ed is now one of my favourites.  The song talks about a drug addict prostitute and the lyrics are so touching that you’ll feel the tugs inside your chest. 

That apart, I’m reading Gone Girl, To Kill a MockingBird and Three Men in a Boat. Also, there’s a lot of work going on in the college. Apart from the exacting tests, presentations, classes, artworks, writing, the fest of History department is knocking at the door. 

I have also recently been busy with chess, playing online games frequently. It’s a great source of amusement, especially when I watch the opponent crumble and resign. Of course, sometimes I am the one who crumbles and resigns, but that’s the part and parcel of the game. The most pathetic incident, however, was when a girl bro zoned me on chess.com. I mean that’s atrocious. I thought about revolting, however, when I looked at her dp, I considered it better to remain bro zoned. This thing reminds me of my neighbour who recently friendzoned his crush. When I asked him why he would ever do that, he said,

“I could sense the impending disaster of friendzone crashing upon me. So before she could, I FRIENDZONED her. “He said with a bit of sly smile, as if he had accomplished something Sherlocky.

But the worst hit, worst zoned people were my ex-neighbours. They were neighbour zoned by the mess owner’s bimbo bunghole daughter. She’d ask them to bring daily use items for her, stuffs like wipers and maggie. I strongly suspect they even brought her sanitary napkins. There was some live pecking on birthdays, and I know of no further advancements. 

Talking about lust, the first floor of our apartment building is hauntingly empty at night, making it a dream destination for people who like sex-on-stairs or sex-in-balcony. It’s so inviting that I would not mind fucking a ghost there. But the ghost has to be a female, of course. 

Let me tell you what I am doing apart from creating lusty fantasies.I’m reading India’s struggle for freedom, the history of Roman empire, Ambedkar’s significance and ideologies, a bit of Macroeconomics, EVS, about the Kushans and Polity of India. I’m also binge-watching Youtube. Channels like crash course, nerdwriter, mato jelic, art channel are always a pleasure to the mind. 

Jio has surely led to an influx of new hobbies and habits, and even though I’m not sure if it’s good or not, but it’s something that cannot be ignored. 

Author: ravish raj

● 17yearoldboy ● capricorn ● artist ● pornaholic ● Historian ● Googlebhakt ● storyteller ● procrastinator ● virgin ● 1600+ in bullet @ chess.com ● Bihar se hain 😎 ●

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