Tag That Friend πŸ˜‘

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen on social media?


​I was having a good time watching a 90 year old woman talk about Paleolithic cleavers when my phone pinged. And pinged again. And kept pinging as if all it wanted was to replace that godforsaken doll in the next instalment of Anabelle franchise. I picked it up and found my notification toggle flooded with Facebook notifications. Sometimes, technology is more annoying than groin itch. It seemed like my friends had tagged me to a post. Maybe it was related to drawing or something. Or maybe – because I’ve studied commerce for 2 years – GST.

Tag that Friend Who Masturbates 6 times a Day. 

I read from the screen. 

What? πŸ˜‘
I scrolled down and there I was, among the crowd of people tagged by my friends. It is important to mention here that I have a total of 6 friends. Anyway, there also was this guy I barely know, who I’ve met just twice, and who shamelessly tagged me there as if my Fap counts were displayed every night on CNN IBN. I was kind of pissed off with this guy. More than that, I was pissed off with the post itself and the drastically unemployed, retarded fuck acting as the admin of that page. I thought about his insignificant life, about the time the world would end and he wouldn’t be given a seat in the Ark because he annoyed the hell out of too many people. It felt so good imagining him disappear beneath the cracking earth with a scream I can’t even tell. 

This thing has started to trend these days. It’s become the worst social media epidemic of all time. Every time you log in your news feed is full of posts asking you to tag your friends. Tag that friend who is a dork. Tag that friend who has violet hair. Tag that friend who’d marry Dhinchak Pooja. Tag that friend who’s dead. What the hell.

Recently, I was tagged into this explain GST post as well. I wrote a long essay on GST and tagged all those people who had tagged me. They didn’t even like my post. On one hand, there are people launching hundreds of satellites into the space, on the other, there are dorks whose highest achievement of the day is to tag a friend. This explains why there’s an aggregate IQ deficit in India. Look at Chinese people, you’d never see a Sang-Pung-Ming tagging his friend to such posts, and even if there’s a Sang-Pung-Ming doing so he’d be a Manipuri guy. 

This country needs a serious reform. This country needs to get rid of dumb people. These are the same people who’d spend all day tagging people and then go on to blame the education system, the government and Ekta Kapoor for their miserable life. It just gets on my nerves. This country right now needs an Adolf Hitler more than anything. There’s an urgent necessity for an ethnic cleansing, the ethnic group being the assholes who should not have a Facebook account. 

It’s not just about tagging people, a whole community of educated morons has popped up on social media. These people have rigid opinions with no knowledge to back with. These people take sides and believe that the existence of people on the other side is as fruitless as a pest. If you praise something Modi did, you’re a Bhakt. If you praise Shashi Tharoor, you’re corrupt and maybe you had a part in commonwealth scams. If you admire Manish Shishodia’s works for Delhi, you’re just a retard. And you can’t switch sides. No, sir, never. If you do you’re a whore. If you’ve liked an SRK movie, don’t you dare to praise Bajrangi Bhaijan. If you’re a Kohli fan, get the fuck out of Dhoni camp. These communities keep on clashing on Facebook for no reason. Dhoni and Kohli don’t even give a monkey’s twat about you guys. 

Then they’ll read a stupid blog fuelling their own prejudices and write a verbose blog about Why Gandhi was a Real Villain or Why Men are Real Dicks in Society and How Posting the Photo Of Cleavage on Instagram Empowers Women.  I’m graduating in History hons, people, and you’re a fucking KIITian. I am closer to Gandhi than you are. My entire semesters are dedicated to doing elaborate researches on these personalities. Last semester, I had a whole paper on Ambedkar. So I know if these people were villains or not, because I have spent six months browsing through hundreds of sources to understand them, and not just one random hate post which intensified my personal qualms and so I wrote a post to seek attention where I should have just drawn a pencil sketch of a screw or something instead. 

Then, the extremists. Fuck them as well. Fuck Arnub Goswami. Fuck Arundhati Roy. Fuck Ajay Gautam. Fuck Owaisi. Ugghhh. There are so many people I want to send to Hong Kong on a one way flight. 

I hate social media. I loathe people who tag me. And I dont masturbate 6 times a day. If you really wanted to know. 

Author: ravish raj

● 17yearoldboy ● capricorn ● artist ● pornaholic ● Historian ● Googlebhakt ● storyteller ● procrastinator ● virgin ● 1600+ in bullet @ chess.com ● Bihar se hain 😎 ●

8 thoughts on “Tag That Friend πŸ˜‘”

  1. Man, I had been wanting to write a similar post. This post is hilarious but at the same time address a serious issue prevailing in our Facebook society. Tagging people in some fucked ppst or eating the shit out of somebody’s mind because they support Modi and you happen to be a social media idiot.
    I would like to share an instance in the context. A few days back a Facebook friend of mine uploaded a video with police officer carrying whiskey bottle in his duty car and wrote the caption as #pmmodi #sameonyou. I was like wtf? Police is roaming like this is not fault of Modi. If this is really bothering you why don’t you complain to the Delhi Police Commissioner or some concerned personnel. Not everything is the fault of government. And boy, was it my biggest mistake. I got jumped on by people as if a lone sheep walked into a lion’s den. Comments of all kind explaining that Delhi Police does comes under Govt. of India (Modi) and blah blab blah. Don’t follow your leader blindly, blah, blah, blah. Indian media is corrupt, blah, blah, blah. That fellow completely ignored the fact I was trying to point out.
    We really need a social media reform. A community established by people of sound, rational, logical people is very much needed. Not ‘Meena Boy’ who post pictures of a fuckboy with a caption in English better than Oxford.

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    1. Very true. Facebook is buzzing with all kinds of shit, only exposing how dumb people are. They just want to make a noise, they don’t give a damn if they’re right or wrong or idiots. This is the worst misuse of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.
      You can’t make them see the truth. It’s like telling popes that Jesus Christ was a lie.

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  2. Ok…to start with first I will say I really enjoyed this post..it gave me a hearty laugh…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒcould relate to this Facebook tagging…you are right, most of the time we find ourselves tagged to different posts and pictures which are no where related to us and the things which are related to us are left unnoticed…good post…☺☺

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