It’s Because of Men. πŸ˜‘

An answer to everything that’s wrong with our society, isn’t that?


My last post about friendzone didn’t go well with a fellow blogger – who said he was an Indian but I am not very sure about that claim – and he took the pain to present his perspective, which is a commendable job, however, given that you have a concrete argument based on logic and reasoning and facts. Otherwise, you just make people mad and they wish wordpress would start filtering people as well. Alas! To my disappointment, his perspective was narrower than a mosquito’s alimentary canal, and with his feminist arguements, he didn’t take too long to annoy the hell out of me. 

Let me begin this by stating, in full consciousness, that as of now, on 8th July 2017, I, Ravish Raj, am Not a Feminist. And I don’t like people who are feminists (which does not mean I hate them) and I don’t like people who are friends with feminists. Many of you would be thinking I’ve either gone mad, or am confused af, or have watched Milo Yiannopoulos for six hours straight without blinking an eye. Let me assure you, I am perfectly fine. 

I don’t like feminism. I don’t agree with it. I completely reject the very idea of feminism as false and delusional

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, wait, Ravish, you’ve got it all wrong. Feminism isn’t about what you think it’s about, feminism is about equality and empowerment and some other words picked up from B.A. political science class that seem to justify its existence. Bullshit. 

There are two kinds of women/men who call themselves feminists – one, who have an elaborate design of a sadist, matriarchal society in their minds, and who don’t miss half a chance to thrash men, presenting women as the victim class in every single case. 

This guy who commented on my post irked me with his unprocessed words – Friendzone happens because of men, and not women. Here, check my blog about it. 

Well, to be honest, it was a very bad promotional strategy, because it just injected hemlock level poisons into my nerves. I told myself to keep calm, watch some xvideos, and come back with a cool mind. It took me 45 minutes of porn to erase the venom. 

It happens because of men? Are we playing Knock knock sarcasm here? 

I checked his analysis of friendzone, and what I found was an entire site dedicated to women, the tagline – understanding galaxy of women – feminine enough to explain why he thought the way he thought, and the inherent claim of having decoded the female psychology. Almost all his posts were women-centric and that very well explained his monocular perspective. There was the post he was talking about – why men are responsible for getting friendzoned. He talked about sexual energy in a paragraph or two, and then he went on to say how men do not EXPRESS themselves in a certain way, i.e. in a sexually charged way, and that’s why they get friendzoned.

It reminded me of those dozen political statements on rape, by people like Vibha Jha and Asaram Bapu, where they explain how rape happens because of women. The nature of arguments, despite the gigantic difference between the intensity and imapact of the two acts, is precisely the same. You have an oppressor, and you have a victim. Instead of sympathising with the victim, the blame is shifted onto her. It happened because you didn’t behave in a certain way. Rape happened because you couldn’t express yourself as a sexually handicapped being. Friendzone happened because you couldn’t express yourself as a sexually aroused being. That’s bullshittery level 999, people! That’s such an irrational argument that even Donald Trump would throw up in disgust.

Talking about presenting, no wait, expressing yourself in a sexual way. How are you even supposed to do that? Make Johny Sins your Facebook dp? Send her dick pics in place of goodnight?

In a land where Aadhaar card reaches to you faster than the approval to touch the girl’s finger, you certainly cannot make progress before you have grandchildren. Anyway, what I found in that post was vagueness. Words manufactured after reading a few pro-women blogs, a few Victorian era romance tomes, and a belief that he understood women more than any genius man out here, and that women who friendzone aren’t actually confused or lesbians, but a victim of men’s inability to come off as a charmer. A charmer, my ass. 

I don’t want to be a knight in the shining armour, no sir, never. I am happy being a fat guy who watches sports channel and farts for fun. How long do you think I’d remain a virgin? Take a guess. 😎


Now, another group of men/women who call themselves feminist – one who believe feminism is about equality and empowerment. How convenient of you to say that! No people, it used to be about equality (millions of years ago; yeah, I’ve checked the suffrage history) in the same way Hinduism used to be about vedic mantras and rituals and formless spirits of nature. With time, the meanings have changed. Feminism, as perceived by a majority of women, is now just an ideology to exploit men. That’s what it’s all about, because if you’re really standing for equality, why do you have to identify yourself with a term that has a gender-specific connotation. Why feminsm, why not egalitarianism? 

You’re far from reality. Google any modern feminist movement and observe the behaviour. Watch their interviews. Watch their debates. Google how in the name of feminism, innocent males have been exploited. Check any matrimonial site, and watch how many times of her own salary does an educated, modern woman wants her husband to earn. Check famous alimony cases. Go on, do some research. Get practical. You are free to think that feminism is about equality, but the fact is, a majority of women don’t think so. And their feminism is the one making more noise than yours right now. 

To reiterate and conclude, Feminism is not about equality anymore, its about privileges. It’s about getting ladies seat in metros and parliaments. 

It is a movement to build a matriarchal society, and the trends in the recent decades vouch for that. Fake rape cases, growing demands for freedom for women on specific issues that matter particularly to elite or upper middle class women. The freedom to drink and dance in pubs, the freedom to fuck twenty dozen men, the freedom to post cleavages on instagram because it empowers you and if men can show their goddam chest all the time why can’t we? Don’t you wonder why every feminist movement these days have women stripping in public? How many times have you talked about the lack of toilets in rural areas and its impact on women? How many times have you talked about the lack of education among women in rural areas? About the troubles of a village woman who works on the fields as well as at home? You talk about GSTs on sanitary napkins, how many posts have you written about women who still don’t have access to hygiene? How many posts have you written about a woman labourer who heaves bricks the magnitude half her weight? You talk as if all men are rapists, how many times have you talked about fake rape cases? How many times have you talked about the unprecedented rate of men commiting suicide?

Aren’t you lopsided towards your own ambitions? 

Your movement, in character and goals, is essentially urban and elitist, and does not take into consideration women from all stratas. Afterall, a majority of these feminists attire themselves to look like a man (cropped hair, intense tattoos, and many more). In place of finding their own identity, they’re trying to be the new males of the society. It’s thus merely a strategy to gain dominance, superiority or fulfill personal desires. 

I don’t believe men and women are equal. And they don’t have to be in order to have common rights and responsibilities. 
I think I’m contesting the next election.

Author: ravish raj

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14 thoughts on “It’s Because of Men. πŸ˜‘”

  1. Another one which is hilarious but attacks a section of society who are waging war on all male just because some happened to be an ailment.
    Centuries ago, the male dominance in the society was an issue and females started to recognize that they needed a similar social status. But, as the years passed, the true concept of feminism washed away from the minds and it became an attack on every male that crosses their way.
    Nobody addresses the real issues but only talk about bullshit day and night.
    Equality? Why the fuck do you want to be equal to men? If it had to be that way, God would have simply replaced penis with a vagina and big boobs. No! God created an entirely different human being. There is no being equal.
    People should start raising their voice against this false claims in the name of feminism.
    ‘If you have to prove yourself better by criticizing other, then you are even worse than them.’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘There’s no being equal’.
      Prakhar, although I’m completely against psedo feminism, (I wrote two posts on this, long back, just saying…) It would be really kind of you if you could elaborate what you said on equality… I mean, in what sense do you mean the no being equal thing?
      The lines are really intriguing! πŸ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He implied differences between the sexes. Like we have dicks and girls have you-know-what. And also there’s a lot of psychological differences. So it’s incorrect to say men and women are equal.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Alright, agreed, that makes them different, but my question to him is ‘there’s no being equal’ in what sense? Did he only mean psychological and external features?


              1. Have you never seen a heavily-tattooed, cropped-haired, bullet-riding, body-building feminists posting pics with captions like “why should boys have all the fun? ” or “if boys can why can’t we? ” or like My Choice video from my dear Deepika? I mean they want to be the new men. Like shemales or something.


                1. Tattooed, short haired, bullet-riding. I find nothing wrong in it. It’s a personal choice. It’s wrong they are doing it only because they want to be equal to men.
                  And about my choice by ‘your’ dear Deepika, yeah, the video is so not perfect, I don’t think cheating on someone is feminism, men or women, it’s unfair when done by either of the two…


          1. The essence is that women don’t have to be ‘equal’ to live a life with liberty and dignity and all that. Instead of saying boy = girl, make the whole thing neutral. I think this gentleman pointed out this in his comment.


            1. Yeah agreed, they definitely don’t have to be equal in these two aspects, in fact they can’t. But equality at work places, at educational institutions, infact even at home when it comes to a lot of stuff, all this is mandatory. In my opinion, unless we consider ourselves equal in terms of rewards and opportunities, it gets unfair, it really does.


              1. There’s certainly equality at educational institution. Have I told you about this horny teacher in my college who gives extra marks to hot students. It’s lopsided in favor of girls. Because guys are dicks, despite their ages. πŸ˜‘


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