Raincoat : movie

One of the best Bollywood has ever produced. πŸ’•

Not all artworks have to be a Leonid Afremov landscape, some can be bland, simple, and yet moving and beautiful. Welcome to the world of Mannu and Neeru, and the drab dark room littered with antique pieces and furniture in the most unaesthetic way – something that would give Sanjay Leela Bhansali the cringe of a lifetime – and the conversation they have, and the soul wrenching sacrifices they make for each other towards the end. It’s not an epic fantasy created with a budget of over 500cr, nor is it a chic flick drowned in Arijit’s sentimental singles, with a forcefully patched tragedy in the end. It’s what a movie is supposed to be – a moving story. And just that. No glamour, no cheap crowd pleasing tactics, no sex scene, no hero, no villain, no posh location, no overthehead dialogues, no overacting, no stupid climax and no pointless background music. Written and directed by Rituparno Ghosh, Raincoat is a bittersweet tale of unrequited love, that surpasses its contemporaries by miles and miles in terms of tugging the heartstrings. It’s a masterpiece. 

I don’t want to spoil it for you but I so feel like doing it. I mean you just have to tell everybody when you’ve seen a really good movie. Ughh. Go watch it for its hidden inner beauty.

Caveat : If you are one of those people who’d go for a movie only because they want an escape from their boring life, so a 2 hour entertainment packed Salman Khan movie is just perfect, then please do humanity a favour and don’t watch it. Also, don’t watch it with your girlfriend/boyfriend. 

Watch it only if you’re hungry for a good story, and if you don’t get pissed off by just-one-godforsaken-location and the entire-movie-is-composed-of-goddam-conversations-only. 

Short synopsis : Mannu (Ajay Devgan) is in dire need of money as he has no job and he wants to start a business. So he goes to Calcutta to ask for some financial assistance from his friends. Neeru (Aishwarya Rai), his love/friend/ex-half girlfriend (whatever), also lives in Calcutta with her husband. On a beautiful rainy day, he pays her a visit. And then they start to talk. As the movie unfolds, they go on lying to each other and also discovering new things about each other, about the present that’s so much different and unexpected. There are colorful flashbacks to the past, which are diametrically opposite to the color pallette of the present. The present is shown within closed windows and dark walls, while the past is drenched in colors of Bhansali’s scale. This contrast, which is unusual as flashbacks are often in sepia, gives you lumps in the throat. The masks they wear in front of each other are finally undone, but not in each other’s presence. The second half slowly tears your heart and the ending gives it the thud of a lifetime. 

I won’t say much. Just go watch it. It’s a simple, beautiful, innocent, poignant love story.

Force 2 : ReviewΒ 


​#Force_2 😑😠😷


After taking an exhausting test, it’s a man’s constitutional right to watch a nice movie. And so, I decided to watch Force 2
Force was a good movie. There was Genelia and that steamy two-second bathroom scene (which they replayed in this one too) and an emotional story with a strong supporting cast and awesome action and VIDYUT JAMMWAL. The whole lifting-the-bike stunt was a bit OverTheTop, but since Genelia was cute as button, the little faults could be ignored. But when you are taking Sonakshi as the heroine, the plot’s got to be strong. 

Okay, first, dear directors. I understand making sequels is tough – you have to amplify the contours, you have to double the effort, you have to expand the frame. But just because he’d scooped a bike in the previous one, it doesn’t mean he’d heave a car in the sequel. Going by this trend, maybe he’ll even lift Thor’s hammer some day.

JOHN ABRAHAM CAN’T LIFT A CAR! Only Stan Lee’s Superhumans can do that! 

And John Abraham can’t go on breaking through a dozen doors without any visible deceleration! What is he? Inspector Daya on redbull? 

I understand that he’s lost Genelia – and I swear to God I’m more shattered than him by this incident – but that doesn’t make him a Godzilla on morphine. The only time Sonakshi Sinha makes sense in the movie is when she points out that John Abraham isn’t a professionally trained RAW agent. But nobody listens to her, because people are here to watch John do some rampage-shit. Fuck logic. Fuck plot.

John keeps the same stone cold expression throughout the movie, and I’m waiting for the moment his doctor would appear before him with a brainscan declaring he’s clinically insane. But, instead, as the movie rolls, he’s always proven smarter through his CID level detective skills. 
And then, I’m expecting a villain who matches up to Vidyut, but here we have this frail guy whose sole talent is playing mouth organ. As if it wasn’t a retarded movie already! 

I don’t even know what Sonakshi is doing in the movie.

Is she a heroine? NO

Is she a sidekick? Probably. YES.

Her character is a dumb spy who probably got the job through contact. Or blowjobs. She isn’t smart. She isn’t physically strong. And she can’t shoot people. Translating Hungarian into Hindi is her only talent. Maybe she applied for a wrong job. Maybe that’s why being “a professionally trained RAW agent” doesn’t seem like a point to John Abraham. 

The only girl who looks like a heroine is Martinez. She’s slutty, she’s sexy and she’s smart. 

The Villain has an emotional appeal in the later part, however, a lot of loopholes need to be explained. Like, how does he employ half the hitmen in the world, and snipers, and the helicopter that nobody clocks before it’s at a hand’s distance from the SWAT headquarters or whatever, if he’s a common man who couldn’t bring justice to his own father? And how does he manage to shoot each of Adil’s trained bodyguards without any of their bullets even grazing his skin? Is he the 21st century Mithun Chakrobarty or what?

Adil Hussain needed a longer role.


Action scenes were pathetic, nothing like Force. 

It was a parody on RAW with a two minute tribute in the end. Even their ICard was funny. 

The best part was Boman Irani‘s 2 minutes role, and that’s the most emotional scene in the whole movie.

Maybe the directors should watch BABY or HOLIDAY or PHANTOM before delving into such themes.