Artwork : 15/07/2018



Snippet #1 fish fry

vegetarianism in human beings. Is it natural or man made?

Neighbours frying fishes is a recipe for disaster. In some of the small town high caste hindu families, you eat non-vegetarian food, but you still view this as an act of self-pollution. Some people abstain from meat or fish on particular days, because on those days, God himself inspects the earth through the telescope perched on his balcony. In some families, non-veg dishes are cooked outside the house.

So one of my neighbours – a hardcore non-vegetarian – was in the mood of a feast. He was frying fishes in the parking area, and the spicy aroma – of a fish wrapped in oil – invaded our house like a flank of Mongol cavalry.

“What’s this rot? Is someone dead? “Asked my mother.

“Cooking fishes. “My father, fixing the electric wire, pointed at their parking. My mother gave a sign of disgust one reserves for a hypothetical carcass. It was a delicious smell, let me make it clear.

“Goddam these people! “She said, loud enough to be recognised by aliens floating in the neighbouring galaxies. They did not react, just kept on flipping the fishes in the pan.

A few years ago, our neighbour had around 80 goats slaughtered for an exotic chevon dish for his daughter’s reception. My mother didn’t go out for half a dozen days.

For the past two days, I have been feeding a cow and her calf bread loaves. It’s a noble job, plus cows are kind souls. They just stop at the gate and wait for me. If they spot me, they stare with those big expectant eyes. You know you just melt in these situations.

Having said that, I don’t participate in lynching beef eaters. I think you can eat animals. If you read human history, vegetarianism in the form of crop-consumption has a tiny existence of 7000 years ( less than 5% of entire homo sapien sapien history ). The first tools were developed so that we could hunt and tear animals for consumption. So I’d never consider vegetarianism to be inherent to human nature.

Humans have eaten terrible things. In that list, cows would be probably floating at the bottom.

Anyway, the fish smelled like heaven. I might give it a try in the near future.

Weird Dreams

thoughts with eyes closed, thoughts with eyes open….

I had a weird dream last night. My granny turned out to be a psychopath and she murdered somebody with a chef’s knife. So all of us went to Saryu – 1279 kms away – to dispose of the body. Don’t ask me why, because that’s the least of my concerns. Sometimes, I wonder if my parents have double lives. Like, my father is a quiet, homely guy but someday I might just discover his face on a vintage adult movie poster. My vagan mother could be working for some secret cult, slaughtering infants in ritual sacrifices. That would be really weird.

The other day, I was watching Michio Kaku’s show where he was talking about alternate realities and Schrödinger’s cat. Schrödinger once locked a cat in a box, and through a nozzle, let a poisonous gas inside it. After some time, he wondered if the cat was really dead. He was damn sure it was dead, but he did not really know. So he concluded that until he opens the box, the cat is both dead and alive. The moment he opens the box, all other alternate realities would collapse and he would be left with just one of them. That hints that it is possible for alternate realities to exist. Maybe there’s a parallel universe where I am something else.

I would like to be in a universe where I am just the atmosphere, nothing else. That little blanket of air all around the world. If you ever manage to make it speak, you would discover the greatest artist of all time. It has heard and seen all our stories. It has seen us grow and die, it has seen civilizations bloom and decay, it has seen species spread and vanish. I want to be that thing. That would be some hyper level voyeurism. No I am not dirty, I am just creative. I believe that the more imaginative one gets, the more sinister one becomes.