Exams Ahead

And my uncle said 2016 would be a bright year!!!!


Evetually, CBSE published the much-awaited panic-inducing date sheet for the XII Boards, 2016. Our AISSE exam spans for exactly a month, from the 1st of March to the 31st. Now, Board exams to an Indian student is what a Football world cup is to a Brazilian fan. Excitement. Panic. Fear. Hope. Dreams. All the emotions come whooshing by, like a whirlpool in the kitchen sink. This announcement has once again differentiated the students into two categories. One, who are still on Facebook, and other, who are mugging their asses off.


I belong to the former. And so do most of the people I talk to. It’s not as if I didn’t give it a thought, I mean the first thing a sane human being is supposed to do after the announcement of AISSE date sheets is to go to the settings menu and DEACTIVATE, isn’t that? But right when I was about to do it, I saw a beauty contest on one of the pages I’ve liked. And you know, guys, pretty girls are the inherent weakness of a straight male teenager. So, for a second I forgot the date sheet and the urgent necessity to deactivate and I liked their photos and sent friend request to each one of them. I just logged out after that. Deactivation plans cancelled.
Doctor perhaps belongs to some other category. She’s neither on facebook and nor ploughing through the course material. She’s the master of her own destiny. She had deactivated centuries ago, and right now, she’s gorging novels like I’d feast on a Buffett plate. That’s what I like about her. Her cute rebellious attitude.
Anyway, as for me, deactivation won’t help much. I am going to fuck-up big, either way. Fingers crossed. Wish it hurts less.

PS. As if the panic wasn’t awful enough, my mother has slipped further into her fancy-I’m-a-22-year-old-heroine lunacy. She wears dresses and asks me to do photo shoot. I’m afraid she will be cat-walking on the ramps soon. 😐

And my uncle said 2016 would be a bright year!!!!