The Normal Days

What else to say about her? You’ll like her. Everybody likes her.


Today, I went for a movie with my lodgemates. I wish I could say I was enamored with Rustom, however, apart from Esha Gupta’s cleavage, there wasn’t much to watch in those monotonous two hours. They have tried hard to make a suspense-thriller-patriotic-also-a-bit-romantic-and-full-of-social-messages-and-trying-to-raise-some-kind-of-inescapable-question-that-requires-introspection movie, however, it’s only the minor characters that remain longer in the mind than Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta and THE PLOT. Anyway, I didn’t mind spending 150 bucks as it gave me another chance to socialise with my lodgemates, who are very different people from what my world would consist of.

Then, I got the wooden foldable chess by courier, and as it turned out, it was a ripoff. The paint has already started to come off. After Mr. Gym Freak tore open the packet, we had a chess marathon and we played like 50 games and I won each of them. By the time it ended, I was bloating with pride. Then, I went out, had junk food, and came back.

I checked FB and there was a message from Doctor. In this world tarnished by selfishness and greed, it’s these messages that give me a reason to calm down and stop cursing everything around me.

Doctor got her ears pierced for the second time, and when I asked her why on earth she did that, she replied very coolly,

“I was experimenting. ”

I wasn’t gala about it, but they are her ears and since nobody can claim a right over those and the rest of her, I decided to not say much. She said it hurt, and I wished I had an ointment that could heal every wound of hers, but that happens only in movies, so I didn’t say anything and we talked about chess instead.

God! One hell of a chess player she is!!!

She beat the daylights out of me in the game we played through alpha-numerical codes. It was like a chess chat, and it felt good. She made a deal that she’d put lots of kohl around her eyes when she meets me if I beat her under 10 moves. A few minutes into the game, and I resigned. She was unstoppable!

“No kohl. “She said. She can be evil sometimes, I tell you.

And then she asked me to write a post about her, so here I am, at 2:38 am, when the whole world is quiet except for Ankit Tiwari, typing words and listening to Tay Hai as mosquitoes pierce my skin and suck blood like I’m a government tanker. Anyway, it’s a nice song.

What else to say about her? You’ll like her. Everybody likes her… She’s like this soft feather that never stops floating, that caresses your skin and brings all your tenderness out, that’s beautiful and delicate. You meet her, you know her and you fall in love with her. Ooops..I almost forget that she’s going to read this…so no further description.

After she wished me a goodnight, I went back to playing chess with my lodgemates. I beat them in every single game.